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How Do Acoustic Panels Work?

Mar. 15, 2021

Acoustic panels provide the ideal sound absorbing material to muffle and attenuate sound in restaurants, offices and many more spaces. We offer a wide range of acoustic panel styles to choose from, including standard fabric wrapped panels, perforated timber and waterproof acoustic panels. What makes Deco sound different is the use of our stylish sound insulation panels.

Wall Acoustic Panels

Acoustic sound insulation panels consist of compressed mineral wool or foam that absorb sound waves to reduce general noise, make speech clear and limit the reverberation of walls in enclosed areas. The use of sound insulation panels essentially 'cleans up' unwanted sound debris, making it possible to hear lecturers' speeches, enjoy beautiful music or record something as clearly as possible.

When sound waves travel through the air and hit a noise reduction panel mounted on a wall or ceiling, the fibreglass or foam holes vibrate, increasing the friction between the holes or fibres. These vibrations quickly reach a point of sufficient friction to convert the sound energy into kinetic energy (heat), which is simply the energy of the object in motion. Since it cannot contain kinetic energy, the kinetic energy dissipates quickly and there are no sound waves and, naturally, no sound.

3D title Acoustic wall Panel

3D title Acoustic wall Panel is an award-winning timeless design, inspired by alterations in atoms and molecules where incremental shifts in the bond variations create intrigue and engage our sense of exploration within our environment, the 3D design can create subtle or commanding patterns by altering the colour and orientation of the tiles to build formations that play with light and shadow.

Sound insulation panels prevent noise from entering or leaving the room. Each sound insulation panel is very bulky and ensures lasting quality. In addition, sound insulation panels are ideal for a variety of spaces, including


The use of acoustic panels improves the audience experience by reducing background noise caused by echoes, thus improving the sound clarity of the auditorium.

Apartment buildings

Soundproofing apartment buildings can simplify your privacy by making it simple to transmit noise from one unit to another. In addition, soundproof panels can provide more privacy than in similar houses and can help you increase the value of your flat.

3D Title Acoustic Wall Panel

Dance studios

In many cases, soundproof panels will be used in dance studios to prevent sound leakage into adjacent rooms, reduce echoes and improve the sound quality of music.


It is vital for hotels to provide the best possible experience for their guests. With the soundproofing panel option, hotels can minimise the risk of noise complaints and increase the chances of providing guests with a calm, tranquil stay.


Coop sound insulation is an excellent option for reducing noise disturbance by containing excessive noise.

Thicker acoustic wall panels reflect, absorb and dissipate more of the sound waves. The number of sound insulation panels you place in an enclosed area will also affect the amount of sound dissipation in the room. To determine how many sound insulation panels you need to meet your needs, Deco Sound offers a room analysis service to provide data on the number of sound insulation panels required to absorb and convert sound waves.


Whether you need soundproofing panels or acoustic panels, it's important to consult with an acoustic panel specialist. This way, you can browse the wide range of acoustic and sound-absorbing panels for any application.

In Deco sound, we create high quality, aesthetically designed and innovative acoustic solutions to help overcome a range of noise related challenges. If you want to get more information about 3D acoustic panels, please contact us.

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