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Why Is Polyester Fiber Acoustic Panel the First Choice?

Mar. 25, 2021

First of all, sound absorbing materials such as glass wool, rock wool and sponges should not be considered for indoor sound insulation materials. Glass wool and rock wool, because their raw materials are brittle fibres, will easily enter the skin, thus causing skin allergies, and their layering into the room will cause respiratory allergies. Sponges are flammable products and produce toxic gases when they burn. Although they are porous materials and have some sound absorption, they are still not recommended.


Polyester fibre acoustic panels are a hot selling material for sound insulation and sound absorption and are widely used in a variety of locations. In general, the ability of sound-absorbing panels to absorb low frequencies increases as their density increases, however, when the density reaches an upper limit, the ability of sound insulation and sound absorption also reaches its limit. Polyester acoustic panels are a 100% polyester fibre sound insulation material, which is green and does not have any side effects on people's health, and are therefore widely used in conference rooms, music rooms, computer rooms, KTVs, concert halls and other places where sound is generated.

Polyester fibre acoustic panel is a good choice, its environmental performance is E1 level, the fire level is B1 level, for the medium and high frequency sound absorption effect is better. However, due to the structural limitations of its material, it has poor absorption of low frequency sounds, such as the noise generated by electrical appliances, such as the mopping sound generated by slippers upstairs, such as the vibration of the neighbour's home stereo which causes wall and ground vibrations are difficult to eliminate.

Acoustic Ceiling Panel in Working Space


Gradient acoustic board, it is also a class of polyester acoustic board, so it has the ordinary polyester acoustic board of environmental protection, non-combustible, but also different from the ordinary polyester acoustic board. Its density is stepped rather than uniform. It feels softer on one side and harder on the other. The soft side is usually installed with the sound source facing it. Its structure ensures that it absorbs low, medium and high frequencies at the same time, with high absorption efficiency.


Secondly, the specifications of the polyester sound-absorbing board are very suitable for indoor sound insulation decoration and can be cut to size and matched with colours according to the size of the room, in addition to the polyester sound-absorbing board he also has a decorative effect. So the above list of features is enough to explain why polyester acoustic panels can become the first choice for indoor acoustic decoration.

 Acoustic Wall Panels

High quality polyester fibre panels are bonded by high heat pressure and are able to replace harmful traditional sound insulation and acoustic panels such as sponge, glass fibre and rock wool, and are a new type of environmentally friendly sound insulation material that can come into direct contact with the human body without harming it and does not release pollutants and is widely used in building decoration. Polyester fibre acoustic panels can reach the B1 level of the national decoration standard for flame retardancy, and their oxygen index can also reach the A level of the national standard. Through the understanding of sound insulation panels, we know that the greater the density of sound insulation panels, the higher the sound insulation capacity rises, and the high density of polyester fibre, its noise reduction index can reach 0.79 (GB47-83), the sound absorption index is also very high, can reach NBC = 0.81 (GB-47-83), thus, it can be seen that its sound insulation effect is excellent.


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