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How to Solve the Noise Problem in Office Decoration?

Feb. 20, 2021

How to solve the noise problem in office decoration? What materials can be used to do a good job of sound insulation when renovating? Office life in addition to a variety of tangible garbage, there is distressing no-line garbage - noise!

For office workers, at least 8 hours a day in the office.If you are in a noisy environment for a long time, not only can you not focus on your work and make your work efficiency drop, but also cause anxiety and anxiety, leading to the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease!

And many sources of sound in the office, simple soft furnishing treatment is unable to avoid doing a good sound insulation; want to do to truly avoid interference, we must start from the very beginning of the decoration design link to solve.


Walls are a source of noise transmission, office walls should be rough, if too smooth, the interior is easy to produce echoes, thus increasing the volume of noise, if there is no special design, the walls can be designed slightly brown.

In addition, walls and ceilings can be used for sound insulation materials, such as sound-absorbing cotton, acoustical board, etc..

 Acoustical Board

Sound-absorbing cotton is generally used in wall sound insulation. For example, KTV, cinemas, most of them are selected sound-absorbing cotton. Sound-absorbing cotton is easier to process in the decoration process, but also has the function of moisture-proof and waterproof, and belongs to the material with better permeability.

Sound board has good stability and impact resistance, sound absorption effect is also relatively good, but also belongs to the environmental protection type of material.

The processing density of sound insulation board is relatively high. When choosing sound insulation board, you need to pay attention to the relevant test reports of the materials provided to avoid buying some "fake" products with poor sound insulation effect.


There are usually a lot of windows in the office, some of which may be "street" windows.

The glass, sealing materials and profiles used in soundproof windows are all tested and tested many times before they are finalized, so pay attention to identification when choosing.

In order to ensure the best sound insulation effect, you can ask the manufacturer to conduct noise testing on the office location if necessary, and customize the soundproof windows according to the characteristics of different noise frequencies.


Walls and floors are the main source of vibration for the transmission of sound objects, so we can use "suspended floors" for office renovation, using a thin slab of cast-in-place concrete to separate the partition layer from the moisture-proof sound insulation layer, thus effectively eliminating the noise transmitted from the walls.

In addition, in the conference room, reception rooms such as absolute quiet place, we can design and lay the same style of office decoration carpet, not only to control the noise generated, but also to eliminate and absorb part of the noise. Design with good, can also become a major highlight of the office.

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