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Types of Sound-Absorbing Materials

Jul. 09, 2020

Sound-absorbing material: Any material can absorb sound, but the degree of absorption is very different. Generally, materials with an average sound absorption coefficient greater than 0.2 for the above six frequencies are classified as sound absorbing materials. Sound absorbing materials Most sound absorbing materials are loose and porous materials, such as slag wool, blankets, etc. The sound absorption mechanism is that sound waves penetrate into the pores of the material, and the pores are mostly open holes that penetrate each other, and are subject to friction and viscous resistance of air molecules. And make the fine fibers vibrate mechanically, so that the sound energy is converted into heat energy. The absorption coefficient of this type of porous sound-absorbing material generally increases gradually from low frequency to high frequency, so the sound absorption effect of high frequency and middle frequency is better.

Polyester Fiber Acoustic Board

The materials related to sound absorption in the market are: upholstered fabric furniture (sofa), heavy decorative curtains, soft-covered walls, mineral wool sound-absorbing ceiling panels, pure wool carpets, etc. However, from the perspective of acoustics of construction, sound-absorbing materials are still mainly used in building materials. Other materials are acquired and improved sound-absorbing products. Sound absorbing materials The more common sound absorbing materials for interior decoration are: wooden sound absorbing board, grooved wood sound absorbing board, perforated wood sound absorbing board, wood wool sound absorbing board, fabric sound absorbing board, polyester fiber acoustic board and other series of sound absorbing materials. The sound-absorbing material is used according to different buildings, otherwise it will do more with less.

In the field of application of sound absorbing materials, noise has become a major environmental pollution, and the acoustic environment of buildings has attracted more and more attention and attention. It is one of the most commonly used technical measures in acoustic construction engineering to select sound insulation materials for sound absorption and sound insulation treatment of buildings. Sound-absorbing materials are not only economically applicable, but also have a wide range of applications. They are mainly used in bars, ktv, air-conditioning rooms, conference rooms, academic lecture halls, etc. The sound-absorbing materials mainly include sound-proof felts, pipe sound-proofing felts, etc. The purpose of sound insulation is Reduce and control the spread of sound, make the noisy environment instantly quiet.

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