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Things You Should Know about Acoustic Dividers

May. 14, 2021

Whether you have an office or need to create multiple private rooms, you don't have to permanently divide the space. You can use acoustic dividers that are easy to install and completely absorb sound. For easy access to new rooms, you should choose the type that rolls or slides. The size of the space is irrelevant, as you can use them in smaller areas. You just need to know the size of the room you want to create and you will find acoustic free standing dividers of any size.

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Acoustic absorption should not be confused with insulation

Thanks to sound insulation, echoes and sound pollution from the outside or from one room to another can be reduced, and this can often be achieved by installing solid wood panels when constructing a building. This is because these isolated spaces suffer from noise pollution from the outside. Their main function is to absorb the sound coming from the room under discussion.

Acoustic Free Standing Dividers

Acoustic Free Standing Dividers

Problem :

The reverberation of sound may come from the building's construction materials: glass, concrete or metal. It can also be the result of a lack of furniture.

You can improve the hearing and health comfort to correct the sound reverberation in the room. With the development of open spaces, there are more and more sound problems in occupational spaces.


Sound reverberation can lead to an unpleasant perception of noise, especially when the noise and sound are loud.


Lack of clarity

Moral fatigue


You need to treat indoor acoustics in order to avoid daily health problems for everyone.

In which cases should acoustic panels be used?

The main benefit of correcting the acoustics of a room is to improve the health and acoustic comfort of its occupants.  Soundproof panels are used when the echo or sound resonance of a room is too strong. This may be caused by the materials used in the building construction (glass, concrete or metal) or simply by the décor being too minimalist.

Echoes usually give the impression of unpleasant background noise. Due to the increase in sound. A room with excessive resonance can lead to an irreversible loss of clarity, resulting in fatigue and occupant inattention.


Regardless of the space involved, acoustic treatment is effective as soon as it has been properly applied (after proper evaluation). Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Acoustic panels can serve a variety of purposes in addition to acoustic treatment. They can be used to provide better structure to a space, or simply for decoration.

What is the purpose of acoustic panels?

Depending on how the acoustic panels are installed, they can play a variety of roles.


Sound absorption

Reducing sound pollution

Acoustic school correction

The configuration will vary depending on the requirements. For example, acoustic panels will be installed differently in a conference room compared to an open office. Depending on the source of noise pollution and the configuration of the space, acoustic panels can be placed in different locations.